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Alma Flores – Mindless into Freedom (Book & Audio Book)


“Mindless into Freedom – My path with the plant medicine Ayahuasca”
Author: Alma Flores

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From an early age, I learned how to behave so that I am adorable, what I have to do and how to do everything that needs to be achieved, what constitutes a good and successful life.
This led to problems in many situations and phases of my life: in work, family, relationships. I carried traumas with me throughout my life, I had emotional wounds that time did not heal, I had become unhappy, and also got ill.
I couldn’t and wouldn’t stand all this anymore and started my path in search of answers to my many, long time unanswered questions.
On the outside, I found these answers only partially, so I looked for a way inwards. Via a few detours I found my support and accompaniment: the plant medicine Ayahuasca, which showed me the origin of my being, on a different level of consciousness.
And I found something surprising: unbelievable, beautiful, terrible – and above all, the unknown.
But this unknown is not really unknown, it is only long forgotten.
And I began to remember. And thus found a new understanding, for me and others.
Life is a road, an adventure, never ending. Join me on a part of my journey.

Alma Flores


About Alma

Alma Flores worked in the financial industry for more than 25 years, including as a manager, coach and conflict mediator. With her own transformation, she left this life behind and has been dedicating herself to her own awareness for several years. This book is the prelude to a new phase of her life. What the future holds is completely open. And anything is possible.

What matters most to Alma: To inspire people, to invite them into conversations. She wants to encourage people to ask questions and find their individual way of life – which corresponds to their nature and soul. Alma has already accompanied many people along this path, and it will continue to be the focus of her being.

Alma is also an ambassador for the healing power of plant medicine, and is committed to further research and recognition of Ayahuasca in our society.

Her dream is for every human being to find its own personal path and to become aware. For a happier life – and a better world.


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