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Q’ero Ceremony Hands


Q’ero Ceremony Hands Soapstone – Set with 2 hands (right & left hand) – for Abundance

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The medicine men and the elder of the Q'eros using those ceremony hands for healing treatments, ceremonies, despachos (sacred offerings to the spiritual world). The symbolism of those hands is to bring abundance in ones life and to hold this abundance. This might be abundance of health, luck, love, material abundance or any kind of abundance you are wishing for.
The hands are handmade from soapstone. On the back of the hands are hand-engraved coca leaves. Coca is a very sacred plant for the Q'eros and many traditions.

The Q'eros who live in the high Andes of Peru are the last descendants of the Inca and they carry the ancient Inca tradition with their sacred wisdom until today.

You can use the hands for meditation, for visualisation practices, for despachos, for ceremonies or as lucky charm.
The hands are available in a set consisting of 2 hands. A right (receiving) hand and a left (holding) hand.
Please choose the number of the specific set you wish (as numbered in the photo).

Size: 4 x 3 cm each hand


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