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Rapé – Mapu / Huni Kuin


Strong & sharp Rapé from the Hunt Kuin tribe, made by the spiritual leader Mapu

Preparation: Mapu’s Rapé is a strong and sharp Rapé and it’s good for centering, concentration and focus

available as 10g and 20g

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Rapé (pronounced Haapay) is a sacred and powerful medicine, with deep healing, cleansing and centering properties. The powdery mixture, made from finely ground Mapacho, as well as components or ashes from various medicinal plants,
It cleanses physically and energetically, opens the heart chakra, centers the mind, clears the consciousness and also cleans the pineal gland.

About this rape:
Those Rapé are made by Mapu, a spiritual leader of the Huni Kuin tribe. His Rapé is a very strong and sharp one. It works very well for centering, increase concentration, clear the mind  and sharpening the focus.

About Mapu:
Mapu is the chief and spiritual leader of the Huni Kuin community Hua Karu Yuxibu.
Mapu is traveling the world with his music and his medicine and is a well know and respected ambassador of the Huni Kuin tribe.


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