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Rapé – Shaneihu / Yawanawa

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Strong Rapé from the Yawanawá tribe, made by the spiritual leader Shaneihu

Preparation: “Tsunu” (strong purifying Rapé with ash of the tree Tsunu)

available as 10g and 20g

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Rapé (pronounced Haapay) is a sacred and powerful medicine, with deep healing, cleansing and centering properties. The powdery mixture, made from finely ground Mapacho, as well as components or ashes from various medicinal plants,
It cleanses physically and energetically, opens the heart chakra, centers the mind, clears the consciousness and also cleans the pineal gland.

About this rape:
Those Rapé are made by Shaneihu, a spiritual leader of the Yawanawá tribe. His Rapé are the most purifying Rapé we work with. We use his special and strong preparations for deep cleansing, especially during ceremonies.
The Rapé "Tsunu" is prepared with the ash of the tree Tsunu. It's a strong Rapé with a special little sweetish taste.

About Shaneihu:
Shaneihu is the chief of the Yawarani village of the Yawanawá people and a spiritual leader who has accomplished the sacred diet of muká samakai (the highest spiritual initiation of the Yawanawá people). He was the last student of his grandfather Yawarani, one of the most important spiritual leaders of his people, who shared traditional Yawanawá knowledge with Shaneihu.
Shaneihu also has a worldwide musical reference and his powerful prayer circles bring deep healing and joy.

1 review for Rapé - Shaneihu / Yawanawa

  1. Per Arve Holte (verified owner)

    Amazing rapé

    • Sanken-Tsoma

      Yes, it is! Thank you for the feedback!

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