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Q’ero Bag – brown & grey


Q’ero bags from the ancient Inca tradition, made by women of the family of Eduardo Chura Apaza from the Q’ero nation Cusco / Peru

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The bags are made from handspun alpaca wool that is dyed with vegetable dyes and then woven by hand. The woven symbols and patterns reflect the mythology of the Q'eros and the sacred symbols and patterns of the ancient Inca tradition.
They are made in Cusco or in the Q'ero villages in the high Andes of Peru by women of the Q'ero tradition of Eduardo Chura Apaza's family. It takes a couple of weeks to finish a such a bag.
The craft of spinning, weaving, and dyeing has been passed down in Q'ero families for centuries and is part of the spiritual tradition of the Q'ero people. The Q'eros, who live in the high Andes of Peru, are the last descendants of the Inca and carry the ancient Inca tradition with its sacred wisdom to this day.

Bags are used be the Q'eros to carrie their Misa (medicine bundle), sacred objects, coca leaves, Despacho utensils or everyday necessities.

Lengt: 34 x 28 cm


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