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Q’ero Poncho


Beautiful Peruvian Q’ero Poncho, hand woven with alpaca wool (from the Q’ero tradition Andes / Peru)

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This beautiful hand woven Peruvian Q’ero Poncho from alpaca wool was made by Dona Luisa Machaccra Cruz from the Q'ero tradition from Cusco / Peru.
This poncho is great to wear for ceremonies and rituals or in everyday life. As well it can be used as a decorative tablecloth, as a blanket on the sofa or placed on the floor as a large ceremony blanket.

The Q'ero´s are the last descendants of the Inca who are still living in the Andes and in Cusco. The ponchos of the Q'eros carry the patterns of the Inca tradition and the energy of the weaver.


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