La Pura Medicina

Ceremonial Clothes & Bags

Here you will find clothing and bags from different indigenous traditions. The clothes are suitable for wearing at ceremonies and the bags are often used to carry shamanic tools or ceremonial objects.
The textiles are handcrafted by women through weaving or embroidering. The women weave or embroider the symbols of their respective cultures in a meditative state into the textiles. More than just decoration, these symbols carry the healing and protective energies of the traditions and thier spiritual world.
The women of the Shipibo-Conibo tribe in Peru embroider their cloths with patterns (referred to as kene) of the plant medicine Ayahuasca, as well as various medicinal plants and power animals such as snakes, jaguars and hummingbirds.
The women of the Q’ero’s from the Peruvian high Andes, who are direct descendants of the Incas, weave their textiles and incorporate the symbols of the Inca tradition into them. These symbols include the Apus (the spirits of the mountains), Wiracocha (the creator god), the rainbow, different Inca symbols or power animals such as the condor and llama.
With your purchase you directly support indigenous families of the Shipibo tradition and Q’ero tradition in Peru.