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Our Philosophy


The purpose of La Pura Medicina is to create a platform for natural remedies and traditional herbal medicines from around the world, as well as ceremonial objects, traditional healing tools and sacred handicrafts from indigenous tribes of various traditions around the globe.


Our personal path on this beautiful planet called Earth is the path of personal development, holistic healing, spiritual growth and self-realisation.
Our path is primarily dedicated to raising awareness, both individually and collectively.
It is a path into our inner worlds, our shadow aspects, our hidden wounds and into the depths of our being to transform from within and to become whole again.
It is a path of discovering our physical body and finding possibilities of curing in an alternative way.
It is a path of holistic healing on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level.
It’s our path of learning and sharing.
We would like to share our access to the natural pharmacy of our mother Earth and show you alternative possibilities of healing.
We would like to connect you with traditional healing work through ceremonial tools and handicrafts of indigenous tribes – the wisdom keepers of our Earth.
We hope that with this platform we can give you a little support on your personal path of healing and growth.


One of our main principles is a life in harmony with nature, in symbiosis with humans, animals and plants as well as in respect and fairness towards humanity and all beings on this planet.
It is our goal to give back our contribution to the indigenous tribes for their work and their sacred wisdom, which they have kept alive for centuries for this present time, where this knowledge is needed more than ever.
We would like to support the ancient traditions with this platform in order to keep the balance between receiving and giving.
In addition to the financial compensation for the work of the handicraft and the plant medicines, which are produced by indigenous and local producers, we regularly donate 10% of the profit of La Pura Medicina and thus support various projects or communities.


And we give thanks the the people who supporting us with their work so that we are able to share their work with you.
We give thanks to the spiritual leader Mapu Huni Kui of the Huni Kuin tribe from the Brazilian Amazon.
We give thanks to the Q’ero healer Eduardo Chura Apaza from the Q’ero nation from the Peruvian Andes.
We give thanks to the Shipibo family Castro Maldonado of the Shipibo-Conibo tribe from the Peruvian Amazon.


With your purchase you support directly:

Spiritual Leader Mapu Huni Kui

The spiritual leader Mapu of the Huni Kuin tribe and his community in Acre / Brazil.

Shipibo Maestro Inkanima

The Shipibo family Castro Maldonado in Pucallpa / Peru.

Q'ero healer Eduardo Chura Apaza

The family Chura Apaza from the Q’ero Nation (Inca tradition) in Cusco / Peru.