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Q’ero Misa Cloth Tawa, Unkuña – 4 Elements (Altar Cloth / Despacho Cloth / Mestana / Andean Inca Tradition Peru)


Original Q’ero Misa cloth Unkuña, Tawa – 4 elements – altar cloth from the ancient Inca tradition, made by Dona Luisa from the Q’ero nation Cusco / Peru

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The Unkuña or Tawa is a sacred textile from the Q'ero tradition (the last descendants of the Inca), which is traditionally used by Q'ero elders and medicine men as the inner cloth of the Misa, the medicine bundle of the Q'eros.
Furthermore it is used for Despacho rituals or as an altar cloth.

This Unkuña is made from handspun alpaca wool that is dyed with vegetable dyes and then woven by hand. The woven symbols reflect the mythology of the Q'eros and the sacred symbols and patterns of the ancient Inca tradition.
It was made in Cusco or in the Q'ero villages in the high Andes of Peru by women of the Q'ero tradition of Eduardo Chura Apaza's family. It takes between 4 to 6 weeks to finish a Mestana.
The craft of spinning, weaving, and dyeing has been passed down in Q'ero families for centuries and is part of the spiritual tradition of the Q'ero people. The Q'eros, who live in the high Andes of Peru, are the last descendants of the Inca and carry the ancient Inca tradition with its sacred wisdom to this day.

About the Misa:
The Misa is the medicine bundle of the Q'eros and usually contains stones used for healing work, such as Meteorite Khuya stones and Chumpy Khuyas, as well as Coca leaves, flowers or sacred objects, which are wrapped in a bundle of three Misa cloths.
The inner cloth - Unkuña (or tawa) - represents usually the four elements (Pacha-earth, Nina-fire, Wayra-wind, Yacu-water) and the three Andean worlds, the world below (Uju Pacha), the world of the here and now (Kay Pacha), and the world above (Hanan Pacha). It symbolizes as well the inner world, which is held by the outher world. The Unkuña is used for rituals, oracles, and energy balancers.
The middle cloth - as well called Unkuña - represents duality and it is often used for the reading of Coca leaves.
The outher cloth - Mestana (or Lliqlla) - balances your connection with your own universe and it symbolizes as well the outer world, which holds the inner world.
The Misa bundle is finally tied with a Watana, which is as well used as a bracelet or a necklace for protection.

You can use the Unkuña to create a misa or a medicine bundle or to wrap sacred or ceremonial objects or Despachos (sacred offerings to the spiritual world). You can use it as a altar cloth or as a table cloth.

Size: approx. 40 x 40 cm


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