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Q’ero Watanas – Bracelet, Necklace, Misa Tie


Q’ero Watanas – bracelets or necklaces for protection or to tie the Misa (medicine bundle)

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Watanas are bands used by the Q'ero to tie their Misa (medicine bundles), as a bracelet or necklace for protection and as a band for the hat.

The Watanas are handcrafted in Cusco or in the Q'ero villages in the high Andes of Peru by women of the Q'ero tradition of Eduardo Chura Apaza's family.
The colors, pearls and patterns are symbols of the mythology of the Q'eros and Inca tradition. The white pearls symbolize the Apus - the spirits of the mountains, the colored yarn symbolize the rainbow (which is symbol for the divine). The jagged lines symbolize the paths of the incas.
Watanas are used for protection. You can wear them on your body as a bracelet or necklace, hang them in the car or in the house.

Length: 120 cm


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